~ Epilepsy Healing ~ Living "Above the Clouds"

Upon my awakening in 2012, I sobered up from all alcohol and drugs and began to take a completely holistic path in life where I slowly and successfully weaned my way off prescribed pharmaceutical drugs due to epilepsy that had been effecting my mind, my body and especially my spirit and my life over a 20 year period.  In the end, from 2004 to 2012 I had been choosing Escapism and continually destroyed my body and my life of which lead to seizures and DUI's.  All until..."I Woke Up!" 

Manifest Your Ultimate Tomorrow...Today!

A story and journey of one man's path in overcoming epilepsy, alcoholism, addiction, divorce, bankruptcy and an overall lifestyle of "Escapism" to living a life of wonderment and fulfillment.

Coach Stefan Rudolph's experience involving years of small-mals and grand-mal seizures, plus epileptic car accidents, seizures in all areas of life, combined with the battle of alcohol, partying & DUI's, plus surviving brain surgery that did not work, his amazing story  is here to help others grow!

Alcohol, Drugs, Addiction...What's Your Escapism?


Discussing Alcoholism, Addiction & Escapism with Coach Stefan Rudolph & Coach Bill Townsend

We are What We Eat ~ A Healthy Living Nutritional Interview

Lisa Hunt is the founder of Powerootz Product & has a true love for healthy living, wellness & helping others. "Anything Green!" Lisa says as she holds a strong passion for helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa started out in the nursing field, yet half way through schooling she "woke up" to the fact about the industry and what an essential part real "nutrition" plays to prevent us from ending up in the hospital. Lisa has a strong passion to continue to grow & help others.

Brian O'Leary's Comeback Story of "Winning The Race Of Life"

Battling a lifetime of Epilepsy, Seizures, & the traumatic side effects of this "Dis...Ease", Brian discusses his comeback as an Athlete & having The Drive to Survive & Succeed both in sports and in life on this epilepsy podcast.

Even after a horrific epileptic cycling accident & the harsh emotional side effects that followed during his journey of coming back, Brian kept pushing forward and Never Gave Up!

Brian's story is a one of kind in Coach Stefan Rudolph's Comeback Podcast Interviews in showing how he continues to battle and has become an inspiration to the Epileptic World & those who battle obstacles in life.

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