Coach Stefan Rudolph

Speaking Events

Coach Stefan Rudolph speaks at schools, leadership programs, events, growth programs and helps in the areas of Personal Growth, Self Development and "Becoming Your Own Leader, Not a Follower". Recovered Coaching programs focus in areas of Life Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Epilepsy Life Coaching and more.


Co-Authored with Les Brown in the #1 Best Seller "Living With Heart" ~ Wellness From The Inside Out ~ Coach Stefan Rudolph writes about the trials and tribulations in his own life in battling the "Dis...Ease" of Epilepsy as he now works to enrich the lives of others! 

Affiliate Coaching Services

Coach Stefan Rudolph also works with Highly Qualified Coaches and Healers in the industry of Health and Wellness and offers an Affiliate Program that assists in referring clients the best coach most suitable for Healing and Positive Growth.

~~ Facing Life vs. Escaping Life! ~~

Going through and growing through depression by being "Thank-Full" and eliminating Escapism.

Face Your Fears And Do It Anyways! Learn how to be able to push yourSelf to look up, get up, not give up & continue to grow.

How to face life's hardships and obstacles with strength, tenacity & the all-knowingness that change is a part of life. Even when this change includes hardship, sadness and depression...we must accept, Take Action & Grow!

"Be The Being That Takes Charge To Make It Your Ultimate Life!"

~ Recovered Coaching ~ Related Health & Wellness Insights & Articles ~

"Epilepsy Rates on the Rise in the United States"

A new report from the CDC indicates that the number of Americans with epilepsy is increasing, with more than 3.4 million individuals diagnosed. This is the first time that the CDC has estimated epilepsy prevalence for each state.

The new findings suggest that epilepsy is widespread, according to the CDC.

In 2010, approximately 2.3 million adults were diagnosed with epilepsy, which increased to 3 million in 2015. Additionally, there were only 450,000 children with active epilepsy in 2010 and 470,000 children with the condition in 2015, according to the report. 

Epilepsy Information from the CDC

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is a great place to research and learn more interesting, informative and educational information on Epilepsy.

Facts On Epilepsy

Key facts, signs and symptoms related to the rates of disease, causes, treatments, social and economic impacts, prevention and more related statistics and information  on Epilepsy.

Holistic Healing Tips from a Fellow Epileptic

Amazing advice from a hands-on expert in her journey of effectively living with Epilepsy through Herbal Help and being able to combatively deal with and function in the following areas:

Epilepsy Stress, Epilepsy Anxiety, Epilepsy Lack of Focus, Epilepsy Sleep Issues, Epilepsy Calming Auras, Epilepsy Oils, Epilepsy Capsules, Epilepsy CBD, Epilepsy Hemp, along with other Herbs that Help in Hormonal Related Issues as well.

Oily Fish for Seizure Control

The Benefits of Omega 3 Oils in Treating Epilepsy.