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The Key To Happiness in Dealing with Epilepsy

Feeling alone, isolated, misunderstood and as far from the world of "Normality" as possible is exactly how I felt for 20 Years in dealing with the Epilepsy that followed from a High School Football injury. 

The feelings of experiencing small mal and grand mal seizures are truly indescribable unless you've journeyed the road that an Epileptic walks in life. The feeling of knowing you're experiencing a small mal and hoping to no end for the sake of humiliation that it does not go further into a grand mal is how I felt for years.

To know how it feels when seeing the all too familiar "Ghostly Look of Shock & Terror" in the eyes of others as you awake from a grand mal seizure...not knowing your name, location or even the day of the week; knowing nothing about the world around you except that you are lost in it, is how I lived my life for 20+ years.

Yes, your memory comes back slowly after you regain consciousness, but the feeling of the mental and emotional pain of what you just experienced never leaves you.

Those memories are still with me to this day and that is why I am here to serve. 


Coach Stefan Rudolph's Experience & Growth

~ Coach Stefan Rudolph ~ Specializes in Epilepsy Coaching, Seizure Coaching and Personal Growth Coaching for Epilepsy and Overall Self Development Coaching. Helping empower those who have been dealing with epilepsy, struggling with facing life and looking for A New Foundation in life to start over and grow.

My name is Coach Stefan Rudolph and these were feelings I knew I never wanted to forget. "Everything Happens For A Reason"...and I knew there was a reason for these Feelings which my Gut Instinct told me I had to experience in order to grow. Feelings that my Heart told me that I must learn from in order to grow from and be able to help others around the World in their journey.

Feelings of Fear, Inadequacy, Resentment, Anger, Frustration, and most of all Deep Depression from feeling Isolated, Misunderstood and never having proper Communication with someone to talk to who could truly understand my situation, is what my life was filled with during these years of my journey.

As an Epileptic Dealing with the Fear of Seizures in my battle with Epilepsy, not having someone there for me that I truly could trust would understand what it was that I was going through was the hardest part. Yet it was what I had to Go Through and what I had to Grow Through in order to experience my Breakthrough in LIfe to clear the path of my divine destiny for helping others.

All along, I learned to keep my thoughts positive and remain Thank-Full for life itself. I knew this experience had to occur and that it was one which I never wanted to forget. I knew it was my calling to overcome this "Dis...Ease" and to help others

Deep down inside from my "Gut Instinct", that of my "Soul", I knew that everything happens for  reason and that this reason was my calling to someday begin reaching out and helping others deal with the trauma that goes along with this "Dis...Ease" in life which we call Epilepsy. 

I look forward to serving you...


Coach Stefan Rudolph is Here for You

To live through this experience for 20+ years and to go through the experience of Thousands of small-mal seizures throughout my life, and to know what a traumatizing feeling it is to have a grand mal seizure and lose control of your life...continually over and over, is now why I am here to serve my life's purpose in helping others.

Having someone there for you that knows what it is like to have a grand mal seizure, what it is like to see the look of shock and terror on the faces around you after awakening from a seizure, someone to know what you're living through at this time is why I am here to listen and to serve.

I've lived through the experience of left temporal lobe awake craniotomy and know what it's like to have to rebuild strength again over and over in life and not to give up. I know what it's like to work on developing a mindset focused on consistency in overcoming obstacles in life physically, mentally and emotionally. I know that...I am now here to serve.

I'm here to help others deal with their emotions, restructure their thought patterns and understand that there is away out, there is way to deal with the unexpected occurrence of seizures, there is a way to build mental and emotional toughness as your journey down this road. There is light at the end of the tunnel and to never give up!


"If You Can Look Up You Can Get Up!"

~ Les Brown ~

To have a Coach there for you that knows what a traumatizing feeling it is to have a seizure and lose control of the world around you...continually over and over in life, this is the reason why I am here. To let others know that they are not alone.

No one in the world of "Normality" can ever understand the onset of depressing feelings that come on from the shock an epileptic witnesses in others when they wake from their seizure...But I Can.

My name is Coach Stefan Rudolph and I am here to help you grow! Take the next step contact me today for a Free 30 Minute Coaching Session.

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Epilepsy Coaching ~ Overcoming Seizures, Stopping Epilepsy & Winning Gold!!

Suffering from epilepsy for 20 years from a HS Football injury, having 2 epileptic car accidents in 2004, Brain Surgery in 2007 & having epilepsy return to haunt me with seizures in the racquetball court, weight room & locker room, my life collapsed...BUT I NEVER GAVE UP! In 2012, "Ctrl+Alt+Delete", I reset my mind & reset my life by focusing on Health & Wellness through Awareness. After being off meds 5 years I holistically cured epilepsy 100% & Won 2 Gold Medals in 2018! This is my story...

Defining Epilepsy

The following is a detailed educational video description of Epilepsy, Seizures and the various forms of treatment for the "Dis...Ease" in life that affects so many out there today and is growing. 

Coach Stefan Rudolph is here to serve his calling in helping you Build Confidence, understand the Power of Knowing, and incorporate the ultimate step in life and Reset Your Mind Reset Your Life!