~ Coaching For Life ~ Personal Growth, Self Development & Holistic Healing

~ Coaching For Life ~ Personal Growth, Self Development & Holistic Healing~ Coaching For Life ~ Personal Growth, Self Development & Holistic Healing~ Coaching For Life ~ Personal Growth, Self Development & Holistic Healing

Key Life Coaching for Opening a Heartfelt Mindset Through  the Soul & Achieve Wellbeing in Health, Wellness & Personal Growth

Specific Niche Areas Covered by Coach Stefan Rudolph

Epilepsy Coaching

Addiction Coaching

Epilepsy Coaching

Life Coaching for Epilepsy deals with Coach Stefan Rudolph's hands-on coaching program work in dealing with the mental and emotional turmoil for a human being that must deal with epilepsy, seizures, having grandmals in public, and the overall hardship and consequences of living the life of an Epileptic. Coach Stefan Rudolph lived a life filled with Epilepsy for 25 years from suffering a T.B.I. in High School Football while surviving Brain surgery in 2007. Yet when the Epilepsy returned in 2009 he had to find a different route vs. the medical system that was no working and no longer conducive with his body's cry for holistic healing. He then Holistically and Spiritually battled back to overcome the obstacles that followed and now lives a life 100% cured and seizure-free since 2011. 

Alcohol Coaching

Addiction Coaching

Epilepsy Coaching

Life Coaching for Alcoholism, Life Coaching for Alcoholics and/or any type of Life Coaching for Alcohol you may be seeking is offered to you here by Coach Stefan Rudolph. 25 years as a functioning alcoholic member of society living through Excuses, Blame and Escapism were followed by jail, hospitals, institution and near death many of times along the way. Coach Stefan Rudolph has transformed and been fully Recovered since 2012 and is here to help you take your life to the next level through his "Recovered Coaching" mindset reset programs.

~ Stopping Seizures ~ Holistic Cure for Epilepsy ~  End Seizures Holistically ~ Stopping Epilepsy ~ Meditation Over Medication ~  How to Stop Epilepsy ~ How to Stop Seizures ~ 

Addiction Coaching

Addiction Coaching

Addiction Coaching

The Addictive Lifestyle Coaching program that Coach Stefan Rudolph offers involves "Connecting The Dots" and working as a team to find the reason behind one's continual need to Escape and not being able to face life on life's terms. Finding the true being in one's self takes time, patience and an open-minded (open heart) view of understanding that nothing is impossible when it comes to heartfelt transformation and personal development. Coach Stefan Rudolph dealt with hardcore gambling, a pharmaceutical drug addiction, combined with constant excuses of being addicted to drinking and driving while living in a daily mindset of "I Can Handle Everything!" His Addictive LIfestyle Coaching program will help you open up, transform and take your life to the next level.

Gambling Coaching

Overall Health & Wellness

Addiction Coaching

Life Coaching for Gambling for Gamblers through Coach Stefan Rudolph is related to the coaching areas he offers through Addictive Life Coaching. If you have suffered and/or continue to suffer from the constant need of Escapism through gambling and always wanting more, always wanting that Rush, always needing to Escape Life  and unable to handle life on life's terms, contact Coach Stefan Rudolph today for a Free Self-Assessment Coaching Session to see if there is a good fit for your personal growth and self-development in taking your life to the next level.

Relationship Coaching

Overall Health & Wellness

Overall Health & Wellness

Having lived a life of passion and love with the same woman for 15 years and then bringing it to an end through alcohol, gambling and overall Escapism by giving up on life through blaming others, Coach Stefan Rudolph has overcome these obstacles by Resetting Your Mind & Resetting Your Life. He is here to serve those that need an ear to hear, a heart to feel and are seeking renewed passion in their life to take their life to the next level. 

Overall Health & Wellness

Overall Health & Wellness

Overall Health & Wellness

Contact Coach Stefan Rudolph today if you're seeking life coaching for health and wellness and can use assistance in living a life of health and wellness and personal growth when it comes to following your calling on the path that you were meant to be on. Whether you deal with one or more of the related issues that he specializes in or simply looking for motivation, advice, coaching and an ear to hear when it comes to coaching, Coach Stefan Rudolph will be here to assist in taking your life to the next level!

Coach Stefan Rudolph's Story

Manifesting success in Health, Wellness, Personal Growth through helping his clients in all areas of life, Coach Stefan Rudolph is here to take your life to the next level by making "The Shift", "The Holy Shift", through making the Change and implementing Growth in your life. Whether your obstacle is Addiction, Divorce, Escapism, "Dis-Ease" or all of the above as it was in his life, reach out today for a free phone call coaching session to learn more about how Coach Stefan Rudolph can Take Your Life To The Next Level!

Find Yourself. Be Yourself. Know Your..."Self"

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Coach Stefan Rudolph is Here to Take Your Life to the Next Level

~ At Recovered Coaching, the goal is to "uncover" your blocks and help you reignite and rediscover your dreams and passions in life.

~ You will be introduced to a process that involves unlocking the mind, open new possibilities and developing a new mindset to grow and discover the boundless potential you have to develop your new "Self" and New Life.

~ Through Passion and the unbridled commitment to Excellence, the programs at Recovered Coaching will help you uncover the untapped abilities we have deep down inside to Manifest and Grow.

~ Each Human Being holds the strength to manifest, implement and put into action the Ultimate Life. Coach Stefan Rudolph is here to show you how to view life in a different way, think outside the box and Choose Change Over Pain.

  • Re:Imagine
  • Re:Discover
  • Re:Create 
  • Re:View
  • Re:Build
  • Re:Ignite 

Assisting you "Regarding" a new way to...

~ View Life ~

~ Create Life ~

~ Live Life ~


~ Share Life ~

"You Must Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others."

Think. Observe. Implement. Exercise. Grow. Repeat

"With An Open Mind...Anything Is Possible."

~ Coach Stefan Rudolph ~

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Professionalism and Coaching Experience

Coach Stefan Rudolph founded Recovered Coaching on the basis of using his own personal experience in overcoming major obstacles in life such as epilepsy, addiction, divorce, financial collapse and overall hardship in order to build new strengths, create a new focus, and develop a New Foundation that lead to a whole New Life.

  • Coach Stefan Rudolph combines his Experience, Strength and Courageous Mindset to help others find, understand and implement their true meaning and true purpose in life.

  • Coach Stefan Rudolph is here to add personal growth and self-development into your life through coaching sessions that involve listening, solution solving and implementing tips, tactics and strategies for developing the understanding that you are the creator of your own destiny & have the ability to manifest and achieve happiness in living your dreams to the fullest by Living With Heart!

  • Knowing that there is always a Shift taking place in life helps you to better understand the benefits of change and therefore be better adept to grow and prosper in happiness.

  • Discover Your True Self through Coach Stefan Rudolph's coaching sessions involving the teachings and understanding of "The 7 Year Shift" in life. Welcoming the change and welcoming the challenge in order to prosper into happiness through the renewed sense of self-awareness and personal development in order to grow into Your True Self.

  • Coach Stefan Rudolph's programs will help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with Vitality, Positive Thinking and Enthusiasm to Seize Each Day and Make It the Best Day Possible!

  • Helping transform lives Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Financially one individual and one life at a time through a coaching program focused on breaking through barriers, breaking the blocks and breaking the old mindset by developing new thought patterns of Beginning a Whole New Life Through "Recovered Coaching" Today!
  • Recovered Coaching programs are focused on personal growth & self development through relationship coaching beginning with the one relationship that matters most in your life when seeking change, the relationship of awareness with your true inner..."Self".

  • For those looking to "Master Their Breaking Point" in life and abolish the barriers and blocks that have been holding them back from growth, Recovered Coaching is for you. 

  • Contact Coach Stefan Rudolph for a Free 30 Minute Coaching Session to receive more information on his programs and the process involved in adding to your future growth.

  • Your Ultimate Tomorrow Begins Today...

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Support Along Your Journey

Supporting you along the way to Visualize, Achieve and Develop the necessary ways and means to strengthen your inner "Self" in letting go of past thoughts and behaviors that have held you back from achieving your True Potential and True Growth in Life.

~ Living With Heart ~

~ Living With Passion ~

~ Living Everyday To The Fullest ~

With extensive experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of client success, Coach Stefan Rudolph brings his Power-Full mindset approach to help you properly set and attain your goals to live the life you've always dreamed.

~ Renewed ~

~ Regenerated ~

~ Fulfilled ~

It's never too late to start, nor is it never too early to begin living the life you knew you were destined to live.

Change is hard when you're stuck in a rut; Coach Stefan Rudolph knows this fact by having lived this fact. 

Recovered Coaching programs will help you develop the strength to change by developing a new mindset of never giving in, never giving up and taking a "Chance" to make a "Change".

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that...a Commitment.  One that takes Drive, Determination and Dedication, what Coach Stefan Rudolph terms "The 3 D's!" It is hard work but work that is well worth it.

Coach Stefan Rudolph assists in the specific niche area of personal growth and self development for those dealing with seizures and epilepsy and seeking help in one or more of the following areas:

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Committing to a Healthier Lifestyle is just that, a Commitment.

"Making a commitment to success and being there for you as a Coach to add growth to your life is my passion and something I live by daily and long-term. My personal commitment is to provide you with coaching involving Accountability, Understanding and Support in accomplishing lasting growth in your life and the lives around you."

- Coach Stefan Rudolph

~ Program Your Heart And The Mind Will Follow ~

Coach Stefan Rudolph discusses staying focused on positivity by developing a better understanding of recognizing negative thought patterns, deciphering the difference between the mind and the Heart and being able to listen to your gut instinct. Then "Take Action!" Become intune with "Awareness". Through Positive Affirmations, combined with an Attitude of Gratitude and then by taking Action... Positive Growth will follow. Program Your Heart to properly run your mind and You Will Change Your Life!

~ Overcoming Seizures and Epilepsy & Winning Gold!

Suffering from epilepsy for 25 years from a High School Football injury, having 2 epileptic car accidents in 2004, Brain Surgery in 2007 & having epilepsy return to haunt me with seizures in the racquetball court, weight room & locker room, my life collapsed...BUT I did not give up. In 2012, I pressed "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" on my mindset of life and reset my mind & reset my life by focusing on Health & Wellness through Awareness. Through Meditation, Awareness & Prayer, along with adaptive change and hard work, I was off medication for 5 years and had holistically cured epilepsy 100% & went on to Win 2 Gold Medals in 2018! This is my story...

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"Your Ultimate Tomorrow Begins Today!" ~ Recovered Coaching ~

Coach Stefan Rudolph

San Diego, California, United States