Motivatal Videos to Motivate Your Old Self to Begin to Grow

Scroll through the following videos when you need inspiration in life, when you need motivation, nee

"If You Dream It, You Can Do It!"

Take this to heart and understand that failure is a part of dreaming, dreaming is a part of planning. Planning is a part of doing. Doing is a part of  Being. Being is a part of living and living is a part of creating and growing a whole new life. 

~ "Your Life Comes Down to Your Decisions" ~ Mel Robbins ~

  • The best way out of a life you hate is to choose the path of creating a new life you love; a life you have always dreamed of but never thought you were able to do it, able to make it and able to achieve it. 

  • Stop waiting other people, other things and other events to take place. Stop making excuses for tomorrow, stop procrastinating for later and start being, start doing, start achieving and then, you will start succeeding.