~ "Breathe" ~ One Man's Story of Prescribing Meditation for Epilepsy

Coach Stefan Rudolph's story and journey in life in Overcoming Obstacles and how he started "Showing Up" and taking control of life to become a Leader in area of Personal Growth and Self Development Coaching for those dealing with Epilepsy and "Dis...Ease" in life overall.

~~~ Facing Life vs. Escaping Life ~~~

Facing life on life's terms by developing the necessary strength to be aware, be thankful and live life every day to the fullest with Gratitude & Love.

Face Life. Take Action. Build Daily Strength. 

The lifestyle we lead and who we surround ourselves with is who & what we become in life. We must be aware of our surroundings and the impactful role people play in our daily life.

"Achieve Happiness Through Awareness and Fight to Live Every Day to the Fullest!"

"Manifest Your Ultimate Tomorrow...Today!"

The story and journey of one man's path in overcoming epilepsy, alcoholism, addiction, divorce, bankruptcy and an overall lifestyle of "Escapism" involving years of small mals & grand mal seizures, epileptic car accidents, seizures in the gym, in the locker, on the racquetball court...all combined with the battle of alcohol, partying & brain surgery that did not work are the obstacles which lead to developing a healing method and coaching program to help "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life"  

Coach Stefan Rudolph's Story..."Never Give UP!"

A story of Overcoming Epilepsy by Opening the Mind, Opening the Heart & Opening a Whole New Life.

By becoming more intune with your "True Self" through Attentive Awareness to your Gut Instinct based on properly "Fueling" your body, Coach Stefan Rudolph discusses how he made...The Shift!

After Brain Surgery did not work & seizures continued, he then developed the M.A.P. System  (Meditation, Awareness & Positive Thinking) and focused on Fueling his body toward a Fully "Recovered" State of Well Being.

Coach Stefan Rudolph found his own holistic cure for epilepsy by "Minding the Mind" and developed a method of holistic healing for epilepsy in which he now helps others better handle life with Epilepsy Coaching.

"Mindset for Belief"

Coach Stefan Rudolph has overcome numerous obstacles in life including 20+ years of epilepsy, two hernia surgeries, a pulmonary embolism, three endoscopies, two epileptic car accidents, brain surgery that did not work, followed by dealing with numerous seizures in the racquetball courts, the weight room, also while running on the beach to stay fit, while traveling and even countless times of having grand mal seizures at work in the corporate world over the years, all of which lead to his life completely collapsing....yet He Never Gave Up! 

Coach Stefan Rudolph changed his lifestyle, his mindset, his beliefs by changing his past disbeliefs and incorporating Meditation for Epilepsy in his life and grew through a self development process of Holistic Healing for Epilepsy.