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Attention Life Coaches, Authors, Speakers & Any Passion Driven Entrepreneurs whose business & life entail spreading the Word of Growth to the World! If you have a business, service and/or product line that is focused on Health, Wellness & Helping Others Grow, Coach Stefan Rudolph would like to hear more about Your Passion and Your Story and bring your message to the world through his "The 2020 Vision Quest" podcast interview with you.

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Jennifer Mason's amazing story about taking control of her epilepsy & creating a whole new life and being able to overcome all of life's obstacles associated with epilepsy.

Jennifer's story includes her awakening process & the strengthening steps she took over time with her mental & emotional ability to spark awareness of her inner-self & not only function in life, but take action & take control of her life overall by successfully implementing positive change and holistically curing her seizures.

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Review Coach Stefan Rudolph's invite to begin "Living With Heart" and getting your message out to the world as a personal guest on his 1-on-1 Podcast interview show and discuss your business, your passion and the work you do in helping others take their life to the next level!

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Coach Stefan Rudolph works with Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and all those focused on growth whose work and life is centered around helping enrich the lives of others.

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"The 2020 Vision Quest" Podcast Interview

Bring your message, your business, the services you offer and your story to the world via live 20 minute podcast interviews.

As a Life Coach, Author and Speaker, Coach Stefan Rudolph's inspiration and goal for years has been to continually help others overcome obstacles, grow and take their life to the next level. By doing it himself he  knows that we all have that power within us to do the same. 

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